Here is What People are Saying about Drum-Talks

Presentations like this always get me thinking about the "utopian" perfect team I worked with at Motorola and how I have tried to rebuild it time and time again. Your presentation ended up being another aspect I may not have thought about. It was a good sign of a good presentation where people are talking about it after the speaker stopped. The people wanted more.

It was a fun presentation. 

Extremely interesting way to explain importance of collaborative rhythm for team. --Both fun and educational.  

New way to think about teams. 


The presenter expressed how good team performance looks like, through his favorite terminology and media, drumming. 

Just fun. 

Different way to look at team dynamics which was interesting and fun! 

Awesome demonstration of teams through music. 


Good presenter and audience participation. 

A fun session that made a good point. 

Thank you for a great perspective. 

Very different and enjoyable.  

Refreshing approach, very enjoyable. 

Good info. Great. 

Great session -- loved the comparisons made between leadership and culture, to drum beats. 

Fun and informative.

Fun! Fun! Fun! Perspective and musical metaphor

Novel application and most engaging session by far! 

Very unique, engaging, and appropriate. One of my favorite presentations and many parallels were illustrated.