Synesthesia, High Performing Teams, World Rhythms, and You

This talk will expand sensory recognition of high performing teams to include rhythmic feel accompanied by new language.

World rhythms vary from simple to sophisticated, as do a team’s capability. Sophisticated does not mean complicated, it means each contributor expends the right amount of energy at the right time to achieve results that are effective, inspiring, and even joyful.

World rhythms or ethnic rhythms have evolved for hundreds if not thousands of years. Their purpose has been to access and celebrate the soul in an effort to harmonize with our natural surroundings. They move people deeply and offer a medium to commune and bond. We use them as a lens with which to view team performance.

This talk is 45 minutes but can be expanded into a learner-centered workshop that includes rhythmic performance on instruments. We tune this presentation to your 4 disciplines or groups. For example, the 4 disciplines for an agile software development group would be the product owner, scrum master, developers, and testers.